I Have Really Bad Breath In The Morning

“Ew!”. If only Cady Heron had a packet of 32 Effervescent Breath Treatment. This bad breath neutralizer ( it doesn’t cover, but actually eliminates bad breath) is basically adult pop rocks. You pour the little packet of crystals on your tongue and they slowly pop away the volatile sulfur compounds. A quick science lesson: anaerobic bacteria found in the rear folds of the tongue are believed to generate volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs), the cause bad breath. This happens all day long as you eat, but is especially common at night when you produce less saliva, causing Cady’s (and everyone else’s) morning breath.


These little packets were developed by dentist Dr. Thomas Connelly and contain a special formulation of isoVoxy crystals that work to negate VSCs, eliminating the cause of intrinsic malodor (fancy word for bad breath). Then, the refreshing natural mint flavor acts as a counter to any extrinsic malodor that may exist. They come in a slew of flavors and are portable so throw some in your bag and spend your time worrying about your pores, hairline and nail beds, yes?

The line can be found on birchbox.com, starting at $10 for a pack of 15.
Would you try these crystals out? What’s your Valentine’s Day fresh-breath strategy?

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