Hairstyle: Kate Hudson, LACMA 2013 Art & Film Gala

Kate Hudson looked BEYOND stunning at the 2013 LACMA Art & Film Gala, thanks to a blush cut-out gown and a Grace Kelly throwback ‘do. Responsible for her gorgeous updo is Kate’s long time hairstylist and friend, David Babaii. According to David, “Kate can wear any style as she is one of Hollywood’s most stunning women.” He opted to create a sleek knot to show off Kate’s perfect silhouette. Here’s how he achieved the look. 

David blow-dried Kate’s hair with his favorite blow dryer by T3 and a large paddle brush to achieve a sleek smooth finish. After drying, he applied a light paste to the top crown area only to tame fly-a-ways. Then he created a side part and brushed all her hair into a low pony tail securing with a band. Next, David loosely wrapped the ponytail into a knot allowing some ends to pop through and securing with bobby pins. To finish, he sprayed a small amount of shine spray for a glistening finish.

What do you think of Kate Hudson’s look at the LACMA 2013 Art & Film Gala? Nish nish or ach-yah, in the sage words of Bruno of Da Ali G Show fame?

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