Get The Look: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013 Hair And Makeup

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


It’s on tomorrow, gals, and I’ve got the scoop straight from the bombshell beauty squad duo themselves, Dick Page and Orlando Pita when I had the opportunity to go backstage at the event last month. Here, all the details on how to become a Victoria’s Secret angel in the privacy of your own home. 


Said Dick, “This is a room full of pretty girls, so my job is not to screw it up! There’s nothing too graphic on the eyes. I used brown pencil, brown shadow, a little gold highlight and lots of mascara. I started off on the face with lipstick on the cheek and nose, which really looks great when they smile. It’s the only fashion show left in the world where the girls actually smile: not the funeral procession it usually is!  I apply lipstick on the cheek with a brush. I do a foundation with that brush as well. For lips, I applied a lip balmy neutral lip. They have to be seen from 20 meters, so it has to stand out and also look good in HD, so I skipped the powder. I want them to look glossy in the cheek to look angelic.”


For a fresh and flawless complexion, apply VS Makeup Tinted Moisturizer & Primer SPF 15 all over skin with a foundation brush—this creates a smooth and even canvas for makeup application.

Next, sweep VS Makeup Mineral Blush Duo in Starlet across the apples of the cheeks. Blend up to temples for a warm and natural-looking flush.


Start by lightly defining the inner rims of eyes with VS Makeup Eye Liner in Dark Chocolate. Next, line the top lash line with the same pencil and use the smudger end to blend the line upward and out.


Pro Tip: Make sure there are no sharp lines; keeping the eye liner soft, blended and diffused creates a smoky effect that makes the eyes pop.

Using the VS Makeup Eye Shadow Quad in Eye Contact, apply the Highlight shade from the lash line up to the brow. Emphasize the inner corner and brow bone for an extra brightening effect. Next, sweep the dark brown Crease shade in a “V” shape at the outer corner of the eye and blend well to create drama.  Dust the shimmery gold Lid shade across the inner half of the lid.

 Pro Tip: Hold a tissue under the eye while applying eye shadow to catch any excess powder.

Apply VS Makeup Volume Plump Mascara to upper and lower lashes. Layer extra coats on the upper lashes for a more dramatic effect.


For a nude pout with a hint of shine, use your fingertip to pat on VS Makeup Color Drama Lipstick in Melt.


Says Orlando, “I started by blowdrying the the hair with Victoria’s Secret So sexy volume mousse and ghd blow dryer to set the hair and prep it for volume later. Then, we put the extensions in and curled the hair with 1 & 1/14 inch curling iron. The ghd tri-zone styler is also used; it’s an easier way to curl the hair at home. A few don’t have extensions [Ed. note: They won the genetic lottery that way, as in many ways.] We left the ends out and then run the iron over the end so it gets less heat but isn’t quite as curled as the length of the hair. Last, the girls get center, off center and side parts. It’s the girls’ choice. We’re using the girls’ current length as guide; not making it too much longer than their natural length.”

Step 1

Apply VS So Sexy Style Body & Hold Volumizing Mousse from roots to ends of damp hair.  Section the hair and dry using the ghd air™ professional performance hairdryer and a ghd round brush.

Step 2

Starting at the nape, take a horizontal section of the hair and mist with VS So Sexy Style Hold & Finish Hairspray. Place two fingers at the root of the hair and wrap the hair around, tucking in the ends to create a pin curl around the fingers.

Step 3

Once the section is wrapped, gently remove your fingers.  Close the ghd tri-zone styler onto the pin curl, hold for about 5 seconds, letting the heat do its work, then remove the styler and pin.

Step 4

Repeat this technique through the hair.  Keep fingers straight at all times when wrapping the hair.

Step 5

Once cooled, release the curls from the pins.  To finish, mist hair with VS So Sexy Style Clean & Go Dry Shampoo or VS So Sexy Style Hold & Finish Hairspray, depending upon your hair texture or the amount of volume you want to create.  Use your hands, or a brush, to create your desired finish.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013 airs tomorrow, December 10, 10/9 Central on CBS! Will you be watching?

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