Dream Dry Review

I am loyal, I swear. I don’t like to cheat. But sometimes I do it anyway. You see, I am in a very committed relationship with a stylist at my secret salon. We text, she has met my parents (but really, she even cut their hair) and she makes me glamorous on a regular basis. But last week I found myself in a different salon seat with “Say My Name” stuck in my head on repeat.
To be completely honest, as lovely as they are, I wasn’t thrilled at the concept of yet another blowout bar. When RZ’s Dream Dry opened earlier this year I thought it was just an imitation of the wildly successful blowout-only salons taking over the beauty world. Except I was wrong—it is a fresh take on this overly hyped phenomenon that I simultaneously love and complain about. Paying someone to wash and dry your hair on a regular basis seems so excessive yet it saves you loads of time and makes you feel fabulous so it’s worth it, right? Anyway, I digress….

Besides having a sleek design that includes a black and white chevron floor, a nice open area for the blowout stations and a private room for events, Dream Dry offers 14 different styles. The Style Menu is conveniently loaded onto the Ipad available at your station and you can choose from a Blowout, Blowout & Braid, Express Styles, Braids & Ponys and Pinups. Each look is named after an iconic beauty so you can pop in for an “Audrey” textured topknot or old Hollywood “ Veronica” curls.

They only use Oribe products and have a loyalty program. I am a huge fan of points and I am being a HUGE hypocrite by saying this but, I value loyalty. That free drink I get with my gold card at Starbucks makes the other 10 over-priced drinks seem okay. This is called loyalty-logic and it isn’t logical at all.

I choose the sexy “Bridgette” style and the volume and curls lasted for days. I was so impressed and pleased that I am sure to be back. However, I’m too emotionally invested in my relationship with my significant stylist to truly ever leave her. But if you’re unattached, Ellysha at Dream Dry is a total catch.

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