Ramiro Encizo The Petit Noor Tote in Mermaid Skin

I’ve long said that most women could be categorized as having either an inner nyad or dryad. In the water is where I feel most me and stories about mermaids resonate with  me in this way that’s approaching not even normal. So I was both fascinated and initially appalled when I heard the name of Ramiro Encizo’s latest design, The Petit Noor Tote in Mermaid Skin. (Rest assured, it’s not really made of mermaid skin.)  The bags are hand-crafted right here in NYC under the watchful eye of Ramiro himself and are a hit with Naomi Campbell, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps of “The Real Housewives Of New York City” fame and Joan Rivers, to name a few. 

Want to make it part of your world? It’s $1,695 at ramiroencizo.com. Sure, it costs more than a thing-a-ma-bob, but you’ve already got 20.

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