Fictionary: Hollower

Fictionary is a column showcasing fitness- and beauty-related words that don’t exist, but should.

If you ask any of my fellow Flywheel die-hards (namely Jenn Falik, Julia Dalton-Brush, Christine Dimmick and Robert Verdi, it’s no accident that instructor/trainer Holly’s name is just one letter off from “holy.” They, like myself, are devoted Hollowers, amid an incredibly large Hollowing. Holly’s 9:30am classes (during the week, no less!) are completely booked within minutes of the registration period each Sunday.

Nike Master Trainer Holly Rilinger‘s athletic prowess is something of a Rudy story. The 5’4″ athlete had a singular goal since the age of six to be a professional basketball player. The odds were certainly stacked against her, but with heart and discipline, she was named the number 1 freshman point guard in the U.S. and went on to James Madison University’s all-time leading scorer (men and women).

Her classes (if you can get into them) boast a soundtrack that rivals that of your favorite DJ and a mix of never-cheesy motivational cheers throughout the ride, like “I don’t care how many calories you burn, I care how you feel!” Rilinger‘s rides include optional “victories,” which are really just throwing your arms up in a “V,” which means nothing in the real world but feels like you’ve seriously accomplished a feat when you’re in the darkened Flywheel spin studio; making your own air-conditioning by throwing an arm up and waving your towel around in a circular motion to cool yourself down after an especially arduous hill and “taking a walk within yourself,” which means a quiet ride to one of Rilinger‘s more dramatic tunes with minimal instruction other than to just ride hard.

Get involved with Holly’s classes by setting up a Flywheel account here. And tell me if you’re a fellow Hollower!

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