Salon Test-drive: Ouidad

By Julia Casella

 After a straight haired summer I decided it was time to go back to my natural look so what better place than curl-central, Ouidad? I arrived at the NYC flagship salon where my amazing stylist Cypriano accessed my curls and then walked me through the whole styling process. The best part is you can actually achieve the same results at home because their easy technique and specially formulated products are working with your natural hair- not against it. Mother nature gave you curls and Ouidad is giving you the tools to enhance/perfect what you already have! Here, the steps to achieving a perfectly coiled mane.

 First, Cypriano shampooed my hair with the Water Works Clarifying Shampoo. Then he used the amino acid packed Climate Control Defrizzing Conditioner to hydrate my strands.

 A few sprays of Sun Shield, he then mixed the Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel (if you only have time for one product this is it!) with a tiny bit of Moisture Lock Cream and ran it through my hair–root to tip.

 Now their signature rake and shake  Diffuse or let it dry naturally and for a little extra polish and shine apply the Shine Glaze Serum to dry hair.


Check out my finished look, above!

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