When In Rome: Italian Beauty Products To Pick Up On Your Next Trip

By Julia Casella 

Buy these products! Here are a few of my favorite Italian goodies, available at most italian supermarkets and pharmacies: 
Borotalco products
Borotalco is baby powder but make no mistake, Italian babies smell better than American babies and this very lightly scented powder is an Italian bathroom staple. Safe for everyone, it leaves a faint fresh smell and is especially wonderful when dusted on after a hot bath or shower. The brand has extended beyond its trademark product to include soaps and deodorants of which I am also particularly fond of.

Acqua Della Rose Roberts
Besides happily displaying the chic apothecary bottle in my bathroom, this delicate rose water is a gentle toner that doesn’t dry out skin. 

Neutro Roberts Extra Idratante Sapone Liquido
Another brand that started with baby products this hand soap leaves skin soft and moisturized and can even be used as a face wash. 
Cant make it to Italy? All these products can be found online at emporioitaliano.com/index.html

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1 Comment When In Rome: Italian Beauty Products To Pick Up On Your Next Trip

  1. Anonymous

    It’s “Acqua di rose”, not “della rose” (which doesn’t make any sense).
    Although I love the scent of Borotalco and Acqua di Rose, these two products aren’t really the best you can find nowadays. They have this “nostalgia effect” on most Italians too, but their formulation is very old, heavy and synthethic (read the INCI)… They have a lot of bad ingredients and I woudln’t recommend them, especially for babies. I have these products in my bathroom too because of the lovely packaging, but you can find many better choices 😉
    Though the Borotalco powder is bad (it occluses pores and it has recently been accused of toxicity), I love the deodorants too, they have the same fresh smell.


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