DKNY Spring 2013 Hair: Eugene Souleiman for Wella Professionals

The sleek, wearable hair look for DKNY S/S ‘13 was created by Eugene Soleiman, Global Creative Director, Wella Professionals. This go-round, it’s all about New York cool city girls. The hair look at the S/S ’13 DKNY was youthful and natural looking but with a definite sense of direction. “The DKNY S/S ’13 collection was based on the ultimate DKNY girl’s lifestyle, with every aspect of her day catered for, from swimwear to outer-wear, so it stands to reason that the hair reflects this direction. I wanted to create a hairstyle that gave a sense of unity to the look and give a relaxed, lifestyle feeling. I felt it important to give a sense of life and movement to the hair and play on how the light reflects on textures, so I created a subtle multi textured effect on the hair” said Eugene.

Get the Look:

· Start with clean freshly washed and conditioned hair, using Wella Professionals Enrich Shampoo and Conditioner, to ensure hair is in perfect condition.

· Roughly dry the hair using your hands. Then create a low side parting and section off the hair from the parting to the crown.

· Section off hair and blow dry each section perfectly straight using a round brush to create a smooth sleek finish. Apply tension with the brush at the roots and loosen the tension as you dry to the ends of the hair.

· Once this section is dry and smooth, sweep the hair down low over the forehead and secure behind the ear with a hair grip.

· Pull some of the hair forward over the ear to give a less polished feel to the look.

· Pull the hair on both sides towards the back of the head and twist in to a rope – spray with Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray, then while holding the hair in a tight twisted rope apply heat with a diffuser till the hair is bone dry.

· For extra effect, pin the rope up until you are ready to reveal the hair. Once the rope of hair is released, the hair will have a natural tousled effect to it.

· Finally, for added texture, once the hair is loose push the hair upwards against the natural grain around the crown of the head to give a textured fly away feel to the hair.

What do you think of the hair look at DKNY?

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