Beauty Bloggerati Spotlight!

Bailey discusses best in body lotion beauty!
[Makeover Momma]

Tammy is smitten with Estee Lauder Private Collection Jasmine White Moss Fine Fragrance
[A Mom In Red High Heels]

Hope announces that my mane man, Jason Backe, will be in DC in mid-August!
[The Jet Set Girls]

Erika gets threaded for the first time at Shobha
[Makeup Bag]

Julia doesn’t WANT you to jack her fragrance style–but she’s willing to share the deets, as it’s her beauty duty.
[All About The Pretty]

Karen tells you how you can de-stress for less than $10
[Makeup And Beauty Blog]

Philly gals, get thee to the Rescue Rittenhouse Spa. And then get me a cheesesteak because damn, I miss those.
[Spoiled Pretty]

Carla is all summer lovin’, had me a blast with this light, fresh fragrance
[Product Girl]

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