Five Rules For Life: Lianne Farbes Of The Makeup Girl

Lianne Farbes of The Makeup Girl is a longtime beauty blogger, creator of the most perfect smoky eye shade in the land (MAC Cosmetics Hocus Pocus, from the Bloggers’ Obsessions collection), excellent rap reference getter and hostess of the annual Cocktails and Couture Fashion Week bash. She knows a thing or two about a thing or two, so I asked her to share her Five Rules for Life. Check ’em, in Lianne’s words.

1. Who Cares What People Think
As I get older I care less about what people think of or about me (in the grand scheme of things…it doesn’t matter anyway right?) so I do what I want when I want how I want. Not recklessly mind you, I just do what I feel like doing without worrying what people think. Do you and eff what everyone else thinks.

2. Always Look Your Best
There is something to be said for making sure you look your best at all times, that being said….the last thing you want is to look like a dog’s breakfast when you run into that cute guy you have been flirting with. At the bare minimum, wash your face, pull your hair back, mascara, lips, cheeks and brows. The goal is to look impossibly fresh like you just rolled out of bed looking that way.

3. Never Pay Full Price 
This goes for EVERYTHING. I have been groomed by my mother to be an awesome sale shopper. I will spend 2 hours digging through the sale racks to find a bargain if I have to. I have gotten MANY good things that way but my prize possession is the Marc Jacobs leather tote from the 1998 collection I scored for $150. In my everyday life, I am a relentless travel deal seeker, grouponer and couponer…there is something so exhilarating to me about saving money.

4. Have Some Alone Time With Yourself Everyday
When I was a teenager, I HATED to be alone, how I CRAVE it. I started to meditate in the morning daily for 10 minutes with an app on my phone. If your not into that, you can get similar results even if it’s sitting alone for 20 minutes while reading. It’s an awesome way to clear your head.

5. Be Yourself 
Another thing I have realized now that I am older is that I’m the only me I have. I have worked really hard and earned every line on my face. There is nothing I can do about them (well…except for the botox….hahaha!!) but suffice to say, I am very happy in my own skin. I have always been told I am too loud but you know what? I don’t care, because that’s what makes me ME. Being another version of yourself that you feel is popular, better, more awesome or more attractive than what you THINK you are has got to be EXHAUSTING. I laugh out loud, cuss too much, I talk too loud and I guess I am tired of suppressing that, so now I don’t :-).

Thanks, Lianne! Stay tuned for lots more Five Rules For Life.

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