Julia's May Favorites

MAY FAYBoscia Fresh Blotting Linens: Oil-blotting sheets used to be my jam—I always had a pack with me and then suddenly I stopped. Don’t ask me why (probably during one of my epic bag purges I convinced myself that I, in fact, had DRY skin) but I’ve recently been noticing in my snapchat-selfies that I’m looking a little shiny so plop! Back in my bag these go.

SK II Facial Treatment: After a bad breakout in early May, I avoided most skin-care products, save for the ones prescribed by my doctor. This was one of the few I still felt safe using, which says a lot when you are praying your skin clears up before your college graduation in two weeks.

Sonia Kashuk Hair Brush: I only started brushing my (dry) hair last year. I used to always wear it curly! So I am slowly exploring the wonderful world of hair brushes and this one from Sonia’s Target collection is my new favorite.

Nudestix Lip/Check pencil in Mystic: These seriously cool lip/blush pencils are part of this new brand that makes makeup application super easy.

—Julia Casella

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