DuWop To Enter The Twilight Zone!

Thanks to reader Jenna for alerting me to this piece of beauty news via Graziadaily.co.uk:

Word on the beauty street is that Twilight is launching its own make-up range, and yep, we’re talking about the film! It’s already been used on the next installment of The Twilight Saga, New Moon – which has just finished shooting – and will hopefully be on sale by the end of this year. Made by the quirky DuWop, the cult US brand that bought us Lip Venom, we hear they’ll be making a special Twilight version which will be separated so that one half of the lip plumper will look like blood. Click here to read more.

This just in from InStyle UK:
Rumoured to be available to buy by the end of this year (in time with the release of the film), the collection will feature products with names such as First Light Body Glow and Mortal Glow Blushing Crème. How enchanting.

The special Twilight version of Lip Venom sounds at once disgusting and creepily interesting. The fanpire in me is INTO it. What say you? Too too, or bring it?

Image credit: instyle.co.uk

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