Thing That Makes Me Go Hmm: CC Cream

I KNOW. WHAT ARE CC CREAMS? I was just reading about my girl India-Jewel Jackson’s new gig as beauty editor over at (go, I-J!) and spit my coffee all over my computer when she said she was newly fascinated with them. Allow me to quote the sage teachings of another double C we both know and love, C&C Music Factory, when I say that this is a thing that made me go hmmm.

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Another CC Cream, this one from iFiona.

CC stands for complete correction, and my Internets research has taught me that this Chanel iteration is sold only in Asia for the nonce, at least, on Chanel’s Chi­nese site.  If you’re in Asia and have tried this, let me know what you think. CC Cream is an improved and refined BB Cream created and developed in Korea. I’m sure it’ll eventually arrive stateside and in Europe. CC cream includes added nourishing ingredients and allegedly provides more effective coverage. In the meantime, I’m going to see whom I can bribe to bring me back some after a trip overseas. And should I anxiously await DD Cream? Stay tuned. 

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