Destination: Procrastination

An advance look at the Lavin <3 H&M line
[Fab Sugar]

Why you should refrain from sending nudie pics of yourself (well, at least the ones including your facial)
[The Gloss]

Tamz provides an excellent overview of MAC’s legendary Tartan Collection for holiday

If sheer pants are “a thing,” I’ll just as soon be unfashionable. These look like something Blanche Devereux would rock in her vegetation-themed boudoir
[College Fashion]

Don’t you want to know which beauty products former Lucky Editor-in-Chief Kim France is now spending her hard-earned cash on?

Club Med seems less lame when combined with fitness
[All About The Pretty]

A brief history of the art of shaving
[Bella Sugar]

What’s your SSB?
[Makeup and Beauty Blog]

The Body Deli Egyptian Date Sugar Scrub rubs Caitlin the right way
[College Candy]

The new Facebook “See Friendship” feature–cool or creepy?

Why are some fragrances more appealing than others?

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