Nivea + Rebecca Minkoff: Nivea Style Uncapped

Want Sahara-smiled ladies across Glamerica to be soothing their lips with a balm featuring a cap of your design? Nivea feels that and has partnered with designer Rebecca Minkoff to launch their “Uncapped” contest. To enter, here’s what to do.

1. Create: visit and choose from over 400 patterns and symbols to design your customized Nivea Lip Care cap.

2. Share: Show off your creation on social media using #StyleUncapped

3. Purchase: Order 1-5 custom designs for $6/cap, 6-20 for $5/cap and 20+ for $4/cap and receive your creation in two weeks. 

At the launch event, I created a Golden Girls’ Blanche Devereaux’s vegetation wallpaper-inspired cap of beauty. What would you design? 
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2 Comments Nivea + Rebecca Minkoff: Nivea Style Uncapped

  1. Evelina Micall

    Rebecca is one of my favorite designers. I already purchased a lot of products endorsed by her. I think this is a great move of Nivea. This will surely boost their sales.

  2. Lenny Polley

    I always love Nivea products! BTW, Rebecca Minkoff is really awesome. She’s a great designer. Anyway, thanks for the info. I wonder how vegetation wallpaper-inspired cap of beauty looks like. 🙂


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