Fictionary: Schicktory

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty-related words that don’t exist, but should.

Packing your 4th of July bag? I keep my travel toiletry bag stocked with mini bottles and jars of my necessities and lately my to-go razor is the delightfully scented (the handle’s fragranced!) new Schick Quattro For Women Strawberry Tangerine. The disposable razors feature four blades of glory (on a disposable!) for a close shave and no nicks, even though my ability to make myself bleed like a horror movie is unparalleled. But with this one? Schicktory, every time.

Stubble is shot down in a blades of glory, in the paraphrased parlance of Jon Bon Jovi. By the by, his cowboy songs have always been my favorite.

The Schick Quattro For Women Strawberry Tangerine disposable razors retail for $8 for a 3-pack at What’s in your travel bag for the 4th?

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1 Comment Fictionary: Schicktory

  1. Amy

    I will give these a try! I believe that I am super hairy since whenever I shave a few hours later when I touch my legs there are stubbles (is that the right word?)!
    I have a go-to bag with my favorite makeup tools, a hairbrush, and tweezers! I form a uni-brow overnight -___- ah


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