Jergens Natural Glow and Protect SPF 20

T.S. Eliot said that April is the cruellest month. I tend to agree; especially since this April, I’ve been forced to enter no-tights weather before my copy paper white skin is ready. My default skintone matches that of Anne and Nicholas in The Others. If you saw the movie, you recall that they had an uncommon affliction characterized by photosensitivity that forced them to structure their lives around a series of complex rules to keep them out of sunlight. Because I am vain and beauty obsessed, I live as though I am infected with that same disease.  Read on…

Luckily, Jergens feels my pain and has come out with a body lotion called Jergens Natural Glow and Protect SPF 20 that imparts an “I’m alive, I SWEAR” tint that builds gradually (over 5-7 days) and protects with SPF 20. I love that it comes in two shades: fair to medium and medium to tan. Because it’s formulated with Vitamin E, there’s no sacrificing hydration in the name of protected bronzy skin.  So I can feel a little more like a more radiant version of myself and less like I’ve been locked in a creepy remote country house in the British Crown Dependency of Jersey.

 Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen The Others.

Jergens Natural Glow And Protect SPF 20 is available for $9 at drugstores nationwide.

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