Things That Smell Like The Color Green


Lately, I’m loving a fresh, crisp verdant scent. I’ve been stocking my apartment with fresh stalks of dried eucalyptus (the favorite scent of my inner koala bear) and have generally been super into anything that boasts a fragrance that is the olfactory equivalent of “The Golden Girls'” Blanche Devereaux‘s vegetation-themed boudoir. Here, my favorites of the season.

Blanche, in her boudoir.

Slatkin Green Grass Candle ($20) A refreshing blend of meadow-worthy grass, Meyer lemon and lily-of-the-valley. Employ it to remove cooking smells from your kitchen when you retire to the salon for tea. It serves as a wax-comprised lemon sorbet for the room.

Malie Organics Reed Diffuser in Koke’e ($73) Vibrant, vernal and crisp, this mix of greens infuses the air with the lush, exotic tinge of a rainforest. And they last about a YEAR. They’re incredibly potent; people always compliment the scent upon arriving chez BBJ.

Vitabath Original Spring Green Bath Gelee ($9) Remember this? This was one of my first forays into green fragrances, right after Gap Grass (pour some of your current scent out in solidarity, like rappers do). Vitabath’s signature scent dates back to 1957, with an unchanged formula today. I always remember pleading with my mother to buy it for me at Bloomingdale’s, and she’d sometimes cave. It truly pinpoints the smell of the color green.

Lastly, I just found this Rory Beca Haldi Beaded Dress, which Blanche Devereaux would SURELY have worn on many a date with her various and sundry gentlemen callers. It’s totally germane (Jackson) to this tale. It’s $256 at

What are your favorite green scents? And were you a fan of Gap Grass? I wore it on my first DATE.  Go.

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3 Comments Things That Smell Like The Color Green

  1. Amber Katz

    Kristen! You always get it. TOTALLY agree re: Dimatapp. Red always smells like cherry Tylenol elixir to me, which I had to endure too many times for ear infections as a child.

  2. Kristen in Hawaii

    The Vitabath paragraph could have come from my own memory bank, right down to begging my mother to buy it for me. LOVED it, and still do! And yes, it absolutely smells like the color green.

    (Side note: I cannot stand things that smell like the color purple. The core aroma in this category is Dimetapp.)


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