Get The Look: January Jones at the Mad Men Season 4 Premiere in Duffy Square

 Um. Did you guys SEE Mad Men last night? I thought it was fantastic. A year into the future, a new marriage for Betty Draper and what a “Donward” spiral for our pro/antagonist Don Draper. The only thing I miss? That epic blue tufted headboard. In my quest to be more Betty Draper than modern gal, I find myself loving the Grecian look Sebastian professional stylist Thomas Dunkin created for actress January Jones for the Mad Men Season 4 premiere in New York City’s Duffy Square on July 25. Lucky for me, I got my mitts on a step-by-step how-to for achieving the January’s slightly undone updo with modern texture.

1.     Starting with damp hair, saturate strands from root to tip with Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray.

2.     Tousle hair with fingers while blow-drying to work in volume to maintain a look of “yesterday” texture.

3.     Once dry, run hands through hair while spraying Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper throughout for added texture and hold.

4.     Randomly select pieces to set with a curling iron for another dousing of texture.

5.     Section off hair starting at the top slightly to the right of center.

6.     With each section, apply a dab of Sebastian Professional Matte Putty and twist the hair from front to nape making sure to keep a random, textured effect.

7.     Repeat steps 5 and 6 across the whole head, securing each section with clear Blax bands and bobby pins.

8.     Massage the hair over the whole head, pulling slightly, for a disheveled finish with a modern twist.

What do you think of this look? And tell me your thoughts on the premiere.

Image: JustJared

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