Official Mascara Correspondent: Clarins Instant Definition Mascara

Official Mascara Correspondent takes on Clarins Instant Definition Mascara ($24 at Does it do what it claims? Read on for her review…

The biggest novelty about this mascara is its brush. It has an extremely unique shape; the bottom 2/3rds of the brush is soft and football shaped to provide precision and definition. The top third is narrow and rubbery to give you volume and intensity. I found that with the first coat, the football section of the brush got the base of the product down. The top section of the brush deposited more product, combing and lifting the lash up and out.

 The second coat gave each and every lash a lot more length and thickness. I had to be a careful to not over-work the product though, the tips got a little squared off.

 With my afternoon touch-up, I was able to intensify the pigment a bit and avoided clumps by using mainly the lower section of the brush. It removed easily with soap and water at the end of the day. It’s always great to see something new and this brush really delivers. I’d def buy this one.
–Ashleigh Ciucci

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