Fictionary: Wintervention

The goal: To NOT look like Powder.

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty-related words that don’t exist, but should.

Seriously. Could it be colder? 

My skin and hair are just… rebelling. EVERYTHING I TOUCH electric-shocks me. Static is out of control. My fall beauty products are just no longer cutting it because I had to up my hydration game by 39% (I measured) and you probably need to, too. It’s called a Wintervention, friends, and it’s a real need when the mercury dips below 15 degrees. Let’s be real with each other: January and February are MY least sexy months of the year. Personally, my skin tone and texture resemble that of… Powder. Here, my Arctic weather vital items:

Jo Malone Vitamin E Moisturizing Day Cream ($65) boasts SPF 15, smells sophisticated but with a light fragrance that won’t irritate my sensitive skin and gives me that extra moisture boost my face craves in the dead of winter.  The newly launched cream features an elegant, easily-absorbed texture and fights a guerrilla war against peeling and other seasonal nonsense. You don’t have time for that.

Once a week, a deep conditioning treatment is absolutely necessary to protect my color, give my strands a little TLC and indulge in an aromatherapy sesh simultaneously. Lately, I’m loving Lather Avocado Mint Hair Repair ($16). This brand boasts incredible-smelling ingredients and a minimalist package design that straight-up DELIGHTS me when it’s establishing real estate in my shower. Slather on a healthy amount of the mask concentrating more on the ends, put your hair up in a bun, step out of the shower for an hour and clean out your purse, then journey back in the shower and rinse it out. Silky smooth strands await you. Bonus: Blow it out with the new Moroccanoil Professional Series Hair Dryer ($99), the best my hair’s experienced to date. 

Unfortunately, your regularly scheduled shave cream is not going to cut it in Jan/Feb. If you’re a soap & water shaver, that’s like sending scaliness an engraved invitation to your dry leg party. My legs are never as smooth and silky as when I lather up with Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave (lately, I’m loving the Cashmere Rain scent). I find my shave job lasts at least 24 hours longer when I use it and even without a body lotion post-shower, my legs feel much more supple. Get involved.  Oh, AND? It’s $.01 right now on Amazon ($5, but STILL). 

And tell me: What are your Wintervention necessities? 

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  1. hollyjrocknroll

    I can’t believe I came across this post right when I’m about to watch, Powder.

    My wintervention is body butter. Doing the summer I feel like it clogs my pores, but during the winter I slaver it on.


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