Valentine's Day Gift Guide: The New Couple

WARNING: THE MINDY PROJECT SPOILERS AHEAD if you didn’t see last night’s episode.

So you just got together which makes V-day little awkward. You don’t want to come off as intense (well, I’m not sure Mindy would worry about that) yet and you don’t just want to ignore the giant, heart-shaped elephant in the room. I vote for something subtle, and thoughtful, yet not so thoughtful that it seems creepy. No framed pictures of you two (do you even have a picture together yet?) or anything monogram.


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For Him

1. Tech Gloves ($45): These babies let you text in the cold. A subtle now-you-have-no-excuse-to-ignore-me gift.

2. The Cool Fix Aftershave ($25):  You can play this off as a ” I was in Sephora and remember you said you ran out of aftershave”. It’s not as intense as gifting him a whole new shaving set, but nice because it’s probably more luxurious than the rando drugstore brand he uses now.

3. Whiskey Lover ($65): A nice way to acknowledge his drinking problem. Just Kidding. This is a thoughtful gift that shows you know him, in the sense that you know what he drinks, not in the I-know-how-many-kids-you-want way.

For Her

1.  Brass Elephant Ring Bowl ($62): Anything with animals is fun and sweet. Plus it’s never bad to associate yourself with the idea of jewelry/rings.

2. And Then God Created Women ($59):  #1 Rule of Dating- Anything NARS, works. This set feels super luxurious and works for a multitude of skin-tones and coloring.

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