25 Things To Know About Charlize Theron, Plus More: Destination Procrastion

Twenty-five things to know about Charlize Theron
[Betty Confidential]

These candles do double duty as a LOTION (cra!) and The Luxury Spot’s giving ’em away
[The Luxury Spot]

Five foods that had their moment in 2001

Bebe is launching a bridal line…

Sixty-six men who wowed in 2011
[College Candy]

This fur is KIND of the business
[Fashion Binge]

Weren’t you JUST wondering about the history of eggnog?

Sammi Sweetheart of “Jersey Shore” gets a makeunder

The age-old bathroom dilemma vis-a-vis the boyfriend: Is it all in our heads?
[The Frisky]

Eleven weirdest studies of 2011
[Your Tango]

What to give your boy-crazy girlfriends for the holidays

With that, I’ll be TRYING to be on a holiday break next week, so posting will be lighter than usual. You and I both know I’ll probably pipe in with something vital at some point before 2012. Happy holidays, BBJ readers. You all look so GORGEOUS today. May 2012 bring you the hair of your dreams.


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