Bauble Bar Buried Bauble

BaubleBar’s favorite treasure hunt, the Buried Bauble, is being super-sized for December! Look out for a new Buried Bauble–one item that is secretly marked down to $10 for one day only–December 1 through 20.

Here’s how it works:

One item on the site is secretly marked down to $10. Think you’ve spotted it? Click in, and you will see a Congratulations message if you’re right.

Scroll down and click the Buried Bauble icon at the bottom of your screen to scoop one up for only $10.
Buried Baubles are limited to one per customer, and are not eligible for the $10 Off Welcome Coupon

Ready for your hint? These simple studs will help you rope ’em in for sure AND pave the way for a beautifully accessorized look.

Ready, Set, Go! 

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