Lady Gaga’s TEMPTU Tattoos At The Grammys Nominations Concert

Lady Gaga‘s live Grammy Nominations Concert performance called upon TEMPTU to create the spirits of the dead look in “Marry the Night.”

Lady Gaga’s performance evoked a dark side emphasized by her skeletal body art looks originally created for Gaga’s nominated “Born This Way” video. The TEMPTU team created all of her body art for the evening.

The look was inspired by Gaga’s “Born This Way” Video using TEMPTU SB Foundations, TEMPTU DURA in both Biker Tattoo and Black in addition to custom-made stencils. 

GAGA’S WORKSHOP at Barneys New York has temporary tattoos created by TEMPTU available for $18. This Gaga Tattoo is available exclusively in GAGA’S WORKSHOP and on

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  1. Anonymous

    AND, the Born This Way look did NOT use any stencils! It was all done by hand by Key body artists Will Lemon III and Dani Fonseca. NOR was there any SB foundation on her face. The colors were Pro Transfer, and Biker Tattoo mixed.

  2. Anonymous

    Actually, Gaga did not call Temptu. The Key Make-up Artists built the team, designed the looks, and called Temptu to sponsor product. They sent some artists to join the team, but it was not Temptu Gaga called. Just saying


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