Footwear Conundrum: What To Wear In This In-between Weather?

This weather, friends, is weird. It’s post-Labor Day, so logically I know I’m supposed to start rocking winter fabrics and cover my feet more than I have been all summer. But I still don’t want to go whole hog with knee-high boots yet. And for me, it’s not QUITE time for tights.

It’s officially Bootie Season. Like Short Sleeved Sweater Weather, it doesn’t last long (kind of like the feels-like fall season in NYC–basically September-October). And these Schutz Open Toe Platform Booties successfully “toe” the line between fly ass boots AND open toes. 


The Schutz Open Toe Platform Booties are available for $225 on In addition, they’re also sold on,,,,,, and

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