Water-based Products Worthy Of A Merman

Did you guys hear they’re making a Zoolander 2? And if you didn’t–Earth to BBJ readers! It’s on for 2012. I’m so PSYCHED I want to start a school for kids who can’t READ good. In homage to one of my favorite comedies, I present to you a round-up of items inspired by Derek Zoolander‘s hilarious Aveda commercial.

“Moisture  is the essence of wetness. And wetness is the essence of beauty,” whispers Derek. While it’s pretty Captain Obvious of him to point that out, I believe there are a few products whose waterlike consistency renders them usable in this very natural, easily-absorbed way. I have three faves, in all three realms of hair, skin care and makeup. You’ll love them, even if you’re not an ambi-turner. Check it:

Italy Hairfashion Purity Pure Water Drops ($32)

Sandal, Barley and Philodendron make for high hydration and the capacity to prevent split ends. For brilliant shine, apply a few drops on dry hair for a gleaming, unbroken, glossy mane. 

Peter Thomas Roth Viz-1000 ($65) This hyaluronic acid serum is excellent for hot summer days in lieu of moisturizer OR layered underneath your regularly scheduled hydrator for extra ammo against flakiness. 

Aveda Color Options Eye Shadow Transformer ($25) How could I leave AVEDA out of this equation?  A small amount of this magic oil-free liquid transforms powder shadows into long-wearing creams. Add a bit more and shadow becomes a vivid liquid liner. 

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