Fashion Week Spring 2011 Beauty: Timo Weiland

Davines sponsored the Timo Weiland presentation and asked Leonardo Manetti, co-owner of ION Studio to key the look.

The theme of the collection was “Wharf on the Baltic”–channeling a modern lifestyle in the fjordlands and archipelagos in Scandinavia. Inspired by the collection, Leonardo created a style that consisted of soft waves that were loose and voluminous. 
To achieve this look at home, use these 10 steps that Manetti performed backstage.

  1. Create a strong side part that starts mid-brow (whichever side looks best) and goes straight back
  2. Clip the parted section as shown in image 3
  3. Thoroughly spray Davines Texturizer throughout the hair. This lightweight formula adds lift at the roots and enhances the texture when activated with heat
  4. With a blowdryer, rough dry the hair to make sure all of the product is dry
  5. Lightly spray hair with Davines Glam Power Spray – a quick drying spray that provides a strong, long-lasting hold without leaving hair stiff
  6. With a 1.25″ curling iron, take big sections and curl locks staying off the roots
  7. Work your way around the head, curling large sections and pinning them in place to set
  8. Once cool, remove pins and spray with Glam Power Spray
  9. Gently brush out the curls
  10. Back-comb the back sections to add volume

These simple steps will create gorgeous loose and voluminous waves.

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