Win a 10-pack of Kitschy Bitchy Greeting Cards

It’s my personal belief that most cards other than thank-you cards and sympathy cards are complete and utter bullshit. Except when they’re of the kitschy bitchy variety. My gal Stef Behr (creator of Behressentials as well!) created due to her repeated disgust with the sappy, meaningless crap spewing from overpriced greeting card monopolies. She wanted a niche for the mean, the funny, and the kitschy. My personal fave? The one to the left.

At Tudify, you can get unusually original and fabulously rude greeting cards for holidays, birthdays, weddings, breakups, hate cards and more. Stef offers package discounts and custom message options on every card in the collection. There are even color options for your envelopes: Red, blue, purple, and white. And best of all, these cards are affordable (they don’t cost much more than the sappy Hallmark variety) and shipped right to your door.

Want to win a custom 10-pack of Tudify cards? The winner will simply pick any 10 cards she wants from the website. Every card has a specific title, so you can list which ones they want.

Enter by commenting here or by following me on Twitter (@glambr) and RTing Follow me and enter to win a set of 10 Tudify kitschy bitchy cards That’s it. I’ll choose a winner on Friday, June 25.

Good luck!

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14 Comments Win a 10-pack of Kitschy Bitchy Greeting Cards

  1. tudify

    BT dubs, the adorable wee boy in the far left of the pic is my Dad at his bday party in Buffalo, NY in 1944. Most of the old b&w pics on the cards are from my family photos I got from my Grandma’s stash. The Meat Eater is of my great grandparents and the Future Mass Murderer is some scary relatives from 1886. Phenom!

  2. Anonymous

    Where have these cards been all my life! I’m getting a 10-pack asap of the fuck yourself invite! My fav too!

  3. Kammi

    I am following Beauty Blogging Junkie on Twitter. I tweeted the contest. I am @kammikoza. I am a subscriber of Beauty Blogging Junkie via email and RSS with this email address I am a fan of Beauty Blogging Junkie on facebook. I shared the contest with over 400 friends. This is hilarious. I need those cards and sometimes I feel bitchy. LOL. I do bitch a lot too. Hahaha. It’s a perfect way to send greeting cards to my friends. LMAO. (close friends that is, of course. lol).


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