In Case You Were Wondering What Nail Polishes I Rocked In 1996

So, this past weekend, I’m at my parents’ house in suburban Philly, hanging in my childhood bedroom with my BFF from the first day of kindergarten, Lee. While most of my stuff has been moved/thrown out of my room, there are a few reminders of my days in Blue Bell, PA. So we’re sitting on the floor talking about something likely ridiculous when I peer under my bed and notice… a Caboodle. And in a (mother effing) montage moment sort of like the one at the end of Lester Burnham’s life at the climax of American Beauty, suddenly I remember! That was my high school container for NAIL parapherna(i)a! It held my remover, cotton balls, umpteen polishes and this little container I used that was on a tilt to hold the bottle while I applied it.

Lo and behold, I opened it (for the first time since 1999 at the LATEST) and realized (which is kind of gross) that there are STILL nail polishes in it. My fave line-up from high school! Nail NOSTALGIA! Now, I recognize that that is the worst pic in the world (it’s from my iPhone, sorry). But check it! From left to right:

  • This Pro-10 in a sparkly violet for which I still haven’t found a proper replacement 
  • Revlon nail polish in Putty
  • Revlon nail polish in Cinnabrick (I MISS this shade!)
  • A deep purple L’Oreal polish
  • A mini Lancome brown polish
  • One of those Bath & Body Works Colors polishes (remember those?!) in icy shimmery blue
  • Two mini polishes from a set I bought of six in London at Miss Selfridge’s (I LOVED THESE)
  • Bath & Body Works Spa (remember??!!) cuticle cream–I recall adoring the packaging to no end
  • Missing from the pic because Lee actually was giving herself a manicure with it (don’t be grossed out, it was never opened in the ’90s)–Lancome polish in Fantome, a virtual violet era light purple shimmer that I was strong-armed into buying at the Chanel counter when I’d gone looking for the new Chanel Night Sky, which hadn’t arrived on counters yet.

I promptly threw it out, but I had to show you guys first. Obv. I’m not gonna lie; I still haven’t trashed my Gap Grass scent from 1995. What products from decades past are you hoarding? 

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9 Comments In Case You Were Wondering What Nail Polishes I Rocked In 1996

  1. Anonymous

    Hahaha! I have Gap Heaven scent and it still hasn’t gone bad, believe it or not. I remember that they came in a metal spray can and then switched to a clear plastic bottle after that. I liked Grass (like you!), Om (I think that’s how it was spelled… it smelled like oranges), and Dream. What a great post – thanks!

  2. Krystal Leigh

    Whoa! I had that bath and bodyworks polish! I so wish they still had GAP GRASS. I LOVE that stuff. They need to bring it back. My husband had heard me talk so much about that scent.

  3. Anonymous

    I also stubbornly hung onto my little metal spray pump of Grass… It always seemed like the bastard stepchild of that line, with Om running a close second, but Dream and Heaven got so much attention. Sigh. I went to Gap Body last week and saw that they’ve reintroduced the scent (I’m guessing- I hadn’t seen it in years), which means I can can the 10+ year old… but… nostalgia is funny- I don’t really want the new one… Anyway- thanks for making me laugh! I’m glad someone else out there really loved that Grass!

  4. Katie

    Hilar! I still have Dream perfume from the Gap. I know they still make it, which makes it worse that I’m holding onto the old bottle but it’s so high school I can’t part!

  5. Poppy Buxom

    I have a bottle of Salvatore Dali nail polish. It’s bright red. The bottle is shaped like lips, and the handle is shaped like a nose. I bought it because it made me laugh, but I never used it. And now I can’t part with it because I’ve owned it since 1998.


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