Mark $25 Denim Leggings

I hope you like my Mark Cosmetics zippered denim leggings. Because I’m going to be rocking the HELL out of them the entire Fashion Week. I love their deep indigo hue, their diagonal grain, their Wrangler-esque tan seams. Their gold-zipper adorned ankles make me feel very “street” in a good way while the high-ish banded waistline is ideal for making you look teensy tiny by holding you in. They’re only $25 at

Parenthetically, how fat do you all think we’re all getting under these billowy tunic/leggings combos? I have a theory that we’ll all realize we’ve gained 10 pounds once Anna Wintour switches up this forgiving silhouette and forces back into crop-tops or something heinus. Remember the inverted triangle top of 2000 that Jennifer Aniston famously wore, causing everyone to DIE of ab envy? I am NOT prepared for it to become that kind of party again.

I’m just saying.

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