Rachel Roy’s Favorite Beauty Products

Dolls, I kind of a girl crush on Miss Rachel Roy of late. Her hair is something to write home about, her designs are chic to the max, and her general aesthetic is one that I aspire to embody. I just got some deets on her favorite beauty items. Check it, below.

Have you picked up any great beauty tips or tricks that you can share?
RR: I feel a great mascara can open the eye and instantly make you look as though you’ve have a good night’s sleep, even when that is not the case. I use 2-3 coats of Lancome’s Fatale on the top, bottom, and also on the back of the top lashes.

Do you have a beauty signature? A fragrance or a lip color that you just love to wear?
RR: Because of my Indian ancestry, I love darkly rimmed eyes – a messy eye adds a sexy yet natural look to a classic outfit. To make the eyes smoky, I use Revlon’s Luxurious Color Kohl eyeliner in Black Truffle on the inside of the lids.

What about a lip color that you just love to wear? What do you put on to achieve your favorite look?
RR: Bright lipstick is a way to quickly pop an outfit and freshen up a look a la Ava Gardner in The Barefoot Contessa. My favorite bright is MAC’s Morange Lipstick – it’s a great way to add a twist to a classic look. Another way to make your face pop is to fill in the eyebrows. I use Bobbi Brown’s eye shadow in Navajo.

Will you be scooping these tips? Tell me in the comments. Go.

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  1. lilly

    Nice!! i wanna try these out! My trick is white teeth! Always ask your dentist for samples or you can check out FreeWhiteningGel.com – either way, bleach is better than Crest white strips


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