Officially NOT Hyperbole: Blow’s Perfect Shower Cap

Look. I don’t know your life. But I can tell you that if you don’t have the Blow Perfect Shower Cap*, you simply don’t have the best get-that-water-away-from-my-‘do shield ever created. After two weeks in the Promised Land, I’ve become as endearingly pushy as a true Israeli. Sidestory: Don’t ever think about consulting with anyone in Israel about the best ways to get from one city to the other (i.e., bus vs. train) in the Land of Milk and Honey. You’ll inevitably spark heated arguments which will end in your having to take the last person from whom you solicited advice’s suggestion. BT dubs? My advice is the bus, after being propelled to try both modes of transport.

Anywhoodle. Much as cooks who know trust Crisco, curly girls who straighten on an every-other-day basis trust that H20 is essential for life, but absolutely inimical to maintaining a frizz-free lifestyle. Parenthetically, is that the longest run-on sentence ever written? It’s Casual Grammar Friday, dolls.

So this shower cap boasts an oversized diameter with a snug, comfy fit and a 100% terry cloth liner which absolutely assassinates the remote possibility of wetness near your strands so your coif remains fly.

And that’s all anyone can really ask for in this world where we live as people, right dolls?


Get the Blow Perfect Shower Cap here for $18.

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*Disclosure: Press sample provided by Blow Hair Care PR

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