New From DKNY: Be Delicious Delicious Art Collection

A new reason to keep “DKNY all up in my eye”: DKNY’s Be Delicious scent‘s new limited edition pop art bottle. The popular granny apple fragrance emerges transformed in ben-day dots for “comic” appeal. Its packaging includes speech balloons, and comic-style lettering. The Delicious Art ad and comic strip have been created by New York comic art genius and award winning art illustrator, Brad Hamann. The comic strip depicts the Be Delicious girl living life in New York City and exploring all it has to offer. It will be integrated into a TV commercial which will also appear online at

History lesson: the Pop Art Era is said to have begun in the 1950s in England and then brought to its fullest potential in NYC by the ’60s. The movement is characterized by themes and techniques drawn from popular culture and uses muses such as advertising and comic books to react to the abstract art of the times.

The Delicious Art Limited Edition collection includes an 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum for $70 and a 5.0 oz Body Lotion ($38) and will be available this August in department stores nationwide. The fragrance can also be found at

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