Uh, What’s on MY Vanity?

All this time, I’ve been giving you a glimpse into what’s on everyone else’s vanities–from E.Jean Carroll to the fabulous Simon Doonan–and I just realized that I’ve never shared what’s on mine. Der! 

It’s two things, actually. Are you surprised?

The first is Royal Apothic Roll-on Fragrance in Marigold (I also adore the Fig). It’s from the brand’s Extracts Collection, a set of seven fragrances designed to be mixed and matched or worn individually. They’re portable and perfect for travel at only $16 each. The packaging is apothecary chic, n’est-ce pas? Tragically, in a show-and-tell sesh with Carol (who LOVES a marigold), my vial of the stuff came to an untimely end as its charming glass packaging is also charmingly breakable. Now, just the Fig adorns my vanity. Sob.
The second is LiQWD Professional Volumizing Catalyst ($28). The amplification of my hair is unparalleled when I use this baby. I always begin my blow-out with a healthy application of either mousse or thickening spray and this one doesn’t disappoint, but also imparts the most sublimely subtle smell. I adore most that you can “build the excitement” like Pontiac. Well, follicularly speaking. A spritz or two will transform you into Kate Hudson levels of big hair. But douse your roots in it? And you attain Valley of the Dolls hair heights. The line uses exclusive Nano-Hydrasphere™ to help the nutrients in the products reach the previously unreachable cortex layer of the hair. This helps to flatten the surface so that it maintains a sleek, light-reflecting look of just flat-ironed hair but also remains lightweight and lifted. Also fabulous from the brand (and has the most clever moniker I’ve seen in my beauty career) is SLiQWD, a nonsticky styling serum worthy of a parade. But the packaging of the entire line is so sci-fi meets Gorillaz’ Feel Good, Inc. video.

That’s what’s occupying serious real estate on my vanity. And tell me: What’s on yours?

Disclaimer: Both samples provided by brands’ respective PR

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6 Comments Uh, What’s on MY Vanity?

  1. Beauty Bets

    Oh man, I’m a sucker for a major volumizer and this one is new to me. Thanks A!
    I’m currently staring down at a syringe of Brazilian Peel. For the FACE. Have you tried?


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