Get the Look: Alicia Keys at the BET Awards

At the 2009 BET Awards, celebrity makeup artistA shunta Sheriff created a Moroccan-inspired look for Alicia Keys based on her recent trip for the Mawaline Festival. Ashunta gave Alicia flawless skin and coral lips reminiscent of a Moroccan Paradise.

Ashunta prepped Alicia’s skin with Laura Mercier Mineral Primer ($30), a superfine, lightweight and translucent powder that primes the skin prior to foundation application for an even, mistake-proof surface.

Alicia’s coral pout was created using BeingTRUE Satin Lip Shine in Luscious ($22), a dazzling coral. Created to coat with a glistening satin finish for color and depth, this gloss contains an infusion of peppermint oil, caffeine and exotic antioxidants to accentuate the natural fullness of lips and hydrate, while helping to decrease fine lines

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