Eau de Edward?

Gals, I just learned via a Twilight fansite (don’t judge, you know it’s that kind of party when it comes to Twi) that Hot Topic is selling a Twilight PERFUME ($48). According to the description, it smells like lavender and freesia. I heart its adorable apple-shaped bottle. Very Dior Hypnotic Poison, no? The latter is one of my ALL TIME FAVE scents ever. In fact, I spent all of my college years smelling of it.

I wonder if Twlight the perfume will smell sparkly? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous

    I bought it and i LOVEEEE it!!! I wear it everyday and the bottle is positively adorable. i have it on display along with the box cuz it’s just so darn cute!!!
    Twilight 4ever!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    i bought it and the smell is nice but i would use it more as a roomspray as a perfume, its not something i would wear because its a little musty in some ways.
    anymore questions about before you buy it yourself feel free to e-mail me, dcfcgomz84@aim.com

  3. Anonymous

    Borders also carries it at half the price. That’s where I got mine. I love it. Now where’s my Vampire??!!

  4. Anonymous

    I tried it out while I was at the mall, in Hot Topic. I like the smell. But after a while, it reminded me of a “new laundry” smell.(x But new laundry is suppose to smell good.

    So basically, I like the smell. I would probably rate it 8 1/2 out of 10.(: <3

  5. Red

    As Perez pointed out (as in perezhilton.com) I think the makers have a lawsuit on their hands. The bottle is exactly the same as Nina Ricci’s perfume.

    But other than that as well as the price, I think it’s a great idea!

  6. Stacy

    I just wanted to let everyone know, if you have a Borders bookstore anywhere near by, they are selling the EXACT same perfume for $24.99.


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