Official Mascara Correspondent: Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara

Official Mascara Correspondent takes Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara for a test run. Yay or nay? Find out in her review below.

Sitting writing my review for this mascara, I was hard-pressed to focus on any one particular element that made it interesting or horrible.

While the medium-sized rubber brush allowed me to get to each and every other lash, the formula itself wasn’t all that workable, unfortunately. It clumped at first application, let alone with coat #2. I only concentrated the product at the roots because the tips squared-off almost right away. The result was just pigmented lashes, not long or thick or tapered or full.

Midday touch-ups were a no-go because my lashes were too dry for the product to adhere. While it removed easily with soap and water, I wouldn’t recommend this one!–Ashleigh Ciuicci

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