BBJ Interviews REDKEN Artist & Color Consultant David Stanko

Earlier this week, I trotted on over to the REDKEN Exchange on 5th Avenue, along with some other bloggers, to chat with REDKEN Artist & Color Consultant David Stanko. David filled us in on a little REDKEN background info. In 2010, REDKEN will turn 50. The brand is famous for its ability to renovate themselves constantly. Until REDKEN, hair and nails were believed to be made of calcium. REDKEN took it upon themselves to educate people that hair is in fact, made of proteins. Fun fact: REDKEN’s scientists were called upon in the ’60s to help out with crime scene investigations to determine the ethnic origin of hair found on the scene – because they knew hair that well.

David told us all about Redken Chemistry, a customized in-salon treatment using advanced technology and salon expertise to meet your own unique hair care needs. Says David, “Redken Chemistry provides protein and moisture to repair, strengthen and smooth the hair from the inside out; and the Shot Phix locks in the specialized ingredients for lasting results.”

The two-step in-salon service costs only an additional $15-22! This treatment prepares hair for color services and repairs hair from environmental or mechanical abuse. The process leaves hair super soft, but bouncy with volume as there’s no need to bake under heat like in times of hair yore. “You’d leave with hair like Marcia Brady‘s,” says David. “Really smooth hair, but it’s flat and plastered to your head.” Who wants that? Not you, dolls.

1. Shot Phase: Specialized ingredients compensate for missing components in hair. Each shot contains a more conentrated dose of some of the same nourishing ingredients found in the corresponding take-home hair care regimes. Redken Chemistry offers six Shot Phase formulas to address common hair needs including strength, moisture, color, protection, softness and frizz control:

Extreme Shot Phase
deep treatment weakened hair
Color Extend Shot Phase deep treatment for color-treated hair
Clear Moisture Shot Phase deep treatment for normal-to-dry hair
All Soft Shot Phase deep treatment for dry, brittle hair
Smooth Down Shot Phase deep treatment for very dry, very unruly hair
Real Control Shot Phase deep treatment for dense, dry, sensitized hair

2. Shot Phix: Acidic spray-on lotion formulated with REDKEN’s Interbond Conditioning System to lock in the specialized ingredients in Shot Phase, rebalance the pH levels of hair, and seal the cuticle. Stylists select the appropriate Shot Phix that corresponds with your hair’s stress level. You’ll receive either 3.5 for chemically-treated hair or 5.5 for slightly distressed/mechanically-distressed hair. Mechanical distress, BTW, refers to damage from heat tools resulting in swelling cuticles and split ends. Chemical distress results from highlighting, Japanese Straightening procedures, etc. David mentioned he should write a book on the subject of mechanical distress called Is it Bangs or Breakage? Hilar.

David offered this tip for breaking up with a hairdresser: “Say you got a gift certificate to a new salon and you went in just for a blow-dry and were pleased with the results.”

Another tip from David for those who have hair that sucks up product immediately in a spongey/absorbant manner: it’s the direct result of “lacking something in the wet phase.” For those gals with wildly dry sponge-esque locks, he recommends REDKEN Real Control Shampoo and Conditioner. It infuses dry, sensitized hair with moisture for FAR more manageability. It’s a bit too much for my hair to use both the shampoo and the conditioner, but after a highlights sesh, I enjoy using the shampoo with a less intense conditioner.

David performed the procedure on the lovely Margaret. Check the before and after:

The finished ‘do (directly above) was smooth, shiny and FULL of bod without a single prod. Truly magical. I’m scheduling a treatment ASAP.

To find a salon featuring Redken Chemistry, click here or call 1-800-REDKEN8.

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