Naturally Beautiful: Tata Harper Skin Care

Though her name might suggest otherwise, Tata Harper is no boob.

Her line of natural skin care provides a daily epidermis pampering ritual that is anything but quotidien (even though French scholars know that that “everyday” is exactly what that entails).

Tata started the line five years ago after being unable to find products that she wanted to use. Her father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer and his doctor advised him to get rid of nearly everything he was using, which inspired Tata to start her own line free of such toxins.

The R&D process took Tata four years, and she worked with experts in herbalism, botany, and aromatherapy. Her organic farm in Vermont is where all the products are manufactured, in small batches every month. Her ingredients are sourced from Israel, the Czech Republic, Tasmania, the UK, and France.

Standouts from the collection? I cannot kvell enough about her The Regenerating Cleanser, containing pomegranate and apricot seed powder. It’s more of a gentle scrub than a cleanser actually, but I forgive the misnomer as it left my skin gleaming yet unirritated. Tata’s Irritability Aromatherapy Oil is perfect for, say, those times when you are on 13 freelance deadlines in a week, you haven’t spent a weekend at your apartment since June, 25 people are crawling up your ass to make plans with you and you are on a supremely annoying listserv of bridesmaids trying to coordinate mini presents (gag gifts–always money well spent), scrapbooks and quizzes (oh, and penis decorations! Always classy!) for the (albeit fabulous and unwittingly the catalyst of such a fakakta mess) bride in addition to planning multiple matrimonial events all while managing said bridesmaids’ conflicting ideologies about what the bride would want.

Not that I know anything about that.

Tata Harper products are available on her site Look for wider availability soon. Prices range from $45 to $150. You can also experience Tata Harper products at Maria Bonita Spa with their new Post Beach Glow Facial, $90 for 45 minutes. N.B. However, there are no extractions with this one, though there are lovely hand and foot massages. Margareth does an especially excellent job.


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  1. Anonymous

    have you tried any products by Sprunk-Jansen? THey are herbal yet clinically tested and proven to work. I heard about them in a magazine and ever since i started using them I have been extremely impressed with my results. Check out their web site. LOVE THIS STUFFFFFF


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