La Creme de la Creme… de La Mer

I was never a toner gal. NEVER. I’ve always dismissed it as a “nonessential.” This from the person who deems a 14 shampoo rotation “essential.” Recently, at the Chanel event I attended during Fashion Week, Daneen and I were sort of “tone shamed” once we admitted that we don’t tone on a regular. We scandalized their resident skincare expert (admittedly, I can understand where she was coming from. Skincare is her LIFESTYLE.) There are two main reasons I don’t tone and they are:
1. You have to continually buy cotton balls, and I plum forget to replenish my stash.
2. I self-tan, and I feel like dragging an alcohol-infused liquid on my face will negate the entire PURPOSE of self-tanning.

La Mer’s The Radiant Infusion ($95) is the only toner I’ve ever committed to because it’s the only toner I’ve ever used that a) eliminates the need for cotton balls as you apply it with your fingers (it’s more a gel than a liquid). AND, because it’s more of a gel, I find it doesn’t fade my faux tan. Additionally, it smells of green freshness. I love, love, love it.

La Mer’s newest creation, The Hydrating Infusion ($95) is also establishing residency in my (admittedly overflowing) medicine cabinet. Dryness damages skin’s moisture barrier and throws off its pH balance, hindering its ability to maintain moisture and to absorb it. The Hydrating Infusion serum responds to changes in pH and skin temperature (which both indicate dryness) throughout the day. I’ve been loving it especially on my neck which tends to be far more dry than my skin before applying a thin layer of original Creme de la Mer to my entire punim.

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  1. Regan S.

    La Mer pretty much changed my life. (Or skin, anyway.) The only thing I haven’t tried from the line, though, is the toner (I had similar concerns, namely I didn’t think they were necessary.) Thanks for the review, I’ll give it a whirl now!


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