Want Hair Like Stephanie Pratt’s at The Hills Season 4 Premiere Party?

ghd US Artistic Ambassador, Andy Bodine, gives you a step-by-step on how to create the same glamorous, goddess waves he created for Stephanie Pratt (pictured with Lauren Conrad) at The Hills Season 4 Premiere Party…

· Start by applying ghd miracle mist throughout damp hair to help detangle any knots.

· Mist ghd thermal protector prior to blow drying to protect the hair from any heat damage.

· Smooth ghd fat hair lotion through the hair with your palms. The revolutionary formula works like a mascara for the hair, pumping it up and thickening while improving shine and condition.

· Blow dry hair thoroughly, then starting at one ear and ending at the other, create a tight braid as close to the hairline as possible, creating the illusion of a headband. Use ghd polishing serum to keep the braid smooth and give it shine, then secure the braid with a small elastic band.

· Lightly mist ghd creation spray throughout the hair, which gives a flexible hold, then use your ghd IV styler to create loose waves. Going through small sections of hair at a time, positioning the styler close to the scalp, then turn it 180 degrees toward you. Move the styler down through the hair a few inches, then turn the styler 360 degrees in the other direction. Move the styler down again and continue this ‘rocking back and forth’ motion until you reach the ends.

· Finish the look with ghd ultimate hairspray to ensure your glamorous waves last throughout the night.

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