Givenchy’s Phenomen’Eyes!

I’m intrigued by this one, girls. Mascaras have been the target of much innovation of late: Spin Lash, Estee Lauder and Lancome have come out with vibrating wands, and now Givenchy announces their take on the situation. Phenomen’Eyes has reinvented the mascara wand by creating a ball-like, rounded applicator. While women have long accepted that mascara wands had to be straight or slightly curved sticks, Givenchy’s beauty engineers dare to see the new world of mascara as round. Individual eyelashes are round in circumference, but current mascaras are flat. Their stiff, pointed brushes must be maneuvered around the lashes in order to coat their entire dimensions from roots to tips—until now.

Phenomen’Eyes boasts a spherical brush that reaches every lash, wrapping each in Givenchy’s innovative formula. The rounded tip makes it easy to sweep, stretch, and roll the mascara wand throughout the lashes, no matter whether you hold the brush horizontally, vertically, or slanted. The result is an elegant flutter in which every lash is defined, elongated, and completely covered.

What I’m excited about: the spherical tip also reaches the baby-fine lashes in the inner corners of the eyes, curling and separating them to create a dramatic outline.

What I’m nerv about: sweeping a brush of that shape on top of my upper lashes – i.e., my signature lash move.

Shades: Pure Brown and Carbon Black, a new, organic highly concentrated pigment that deposits a deep, intense color.

$27, available August 2008 at Sephora and

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