My fab friend Dina tagged me to answer six questions about myself, abiding by these rules:

Post rules at the beginning of the post. Answer all the questions. Tag 6 people,
go to their blog and leave a comment to inform them that they’ve been tagged and
asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve
posted your answer.

1. What were you doing ten years ago? Graduating from high school, living on fat free Entenmann’s Marshmallow Devil’s Food Cake and Wow potato chips, and counting the minutes until I left for school at BU.

2. What are five things on your to-do list today? Return BBJ emails, deposit some birthday checks, catch up on a long list of “to dos” at work, do some laundry, and tell you guys about my recent experience at 3 Custom Color.

3. Snacks you enjoy? Hummus (my FAVE), cheese, cottage cheese, grapes.

4. Places you’ve lived: Philadelphia, PA; Blue Bell, PA; Boston, MA; Allston, Ma; and New York, NY.

5. What are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire? Stop working immediately, buy a house in the South of France and a brownstone in NYC with a pool on the top (apparently there are 12 of these in NY), buy a plane ticket to Australia, and send a big fat check to an animal charity.

6. People you want to know more about? Matthew Fox.

I’m tagging the girls at:

JetSet Girls
Spoiled Pretty
The Beauty of Life

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  1. Daneen

    Ten years ago, we were mere miles from each other – you noshing on WOW chips, me inhaling bags of Funyuns. I wish I had known you then…but now is nuch better than never.

    I posted my answers too. Thanks, Amber.

  2. Beauty Addict

    OK, it’s getting creepy now, WE ARE THE SAME PERSON. Ten years ago, I too, was living off fat free Marshmallow Iced Devil’s Food cake and Wow chips, a very odd pairing, non?


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