Not Born with Brooke Brows?

I sure as heckfire wasn’t. Mine are okay… but they’re naturally a bit more far apart than I’d like. I’m one of those people who NEVER has to thread/wax/pluck between her brows. I have the opposite of a unibrow (a duobrow?). But know what? I’d almost rather HAVE a unibrow because while you can’t make eyebrow hairs grow where they currently do not, you CAN thread/wax/pluck away the excess to be left with gorgeous full brows. I’d pretty much chalked this sitch up to luck. I mean, I’d also like to wake up with waves like Madonna’s circa her Ray of Light album, but you can’t always get what you want.

But sometimes, you get what you need. And on the seventh day, Trish McEvoy rested. Her Brow Builder $32 is a revolutionary tool for those who have overplucked or just haven’t been blessed with brow abundance (moi). With a few twists, it dispenses a clear, lightweight gel filled with fine nylon fibers into a comb applicator. The fibers stick to existing strands for ultra-authentic, abundant-looking arches. It comes in two shades: Taupe (Shade 1) or Black (Shade 2). Pencils make brows look so very DRAWN ON, and while powders are better, they certainly don’t produce faux hairs. For the first time, my brows look luxuriously in proportion with my face. This product does for eyebrows what Whitney Houston did for the 80s. Thank you, Trish.

P.S. Brow Builder is going to be featured on the Today Show around 10:20ish! It’s late notice, but see if you can catch it!

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2 Comments Not Born with Brooke Brows?

  1. Kara

    oops, meant to say “prodding” instead of “prompting” before! 😛 oh and btw, who’s your pick for the winner of PR? i’m guessing it’s going to be Christian, who i think is a brilliant designer even though he’s so annoying and obnoxious. maybe if Rami doesn’t win he’ll turn straight and marry/dress me!?! a girl can dream!!!

  2. Kara

    i am so with you on the brow issue! i would much rather have thick, dark brows because then you can groom them into gorgeous, sharp sha-ZAM brows! my blonde, anemic brows require so much penciling, powdering, and prompting to even be visible. i’m currently using Benefit’s BrowZings and liking it but i think i need something darker since i just dyed my hair dark auburn. maybe i’ll try this!


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