Smooth Operator: BeneFit Bathina Sweet Satin Shaving Mousse

Smooth Operator Week concludes!

This preciously retro glam packaged large jar is meant for the bath, but is so adorable, you’ll want to display it in the boudoir. Inside is a luxe chamomile-scented shaving mousse that provides a soothing, creamy shave for temptingly smooth skin. The periwinkle tinted cream is decadent and a little goes a long way to reduce red bumps. Now, I still take issue with the packaging. I hate that it comes in a jar. It doesn’t lather, but works extremely well even without water for non-shower shavers and won’t gunk up your razor. I recommend it as a treat for those with non-addictive personalities. For those who are privy to addictions – buy it for friends as a gift. They’ll simultaneously adore you and curse you for getting them hooked on $26 (albeit for 12oz – that’s a large jar) shaving cream.

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