MBTs for as Little as $98

There’s an MBT sale at blissworld.com and if you use the code elfish when you pay, they’re an extra 20% off making the black ones a total of $98 dollars. I just ordered a pair, they’re great for work (although admittedly, still ugly – but they do the job).
Memo to the person who wrote this on her blog riddled with bad grammar:

Then I googled the product and found a blog by someone who seriously needs some help, Beauty Blogging Junkie wrote,

Last night I applied some before dinner and ate a slightly smaller amount than usual. Then, this morning, I applied some before my morning commute to work. As a gal who usually lunches at noon (even when I eat breakfast), I was pretty stunned when I didn’t feel the need to grab food until 1:45pm. It’s true that I was busy… but I’m just saying. I usually never eat later than 1pm.

So now this lip gloss is an appetite suppressant?

Yes, it contains an app suppressant. I’m expressly recommending you buy these MBTs while they’re on sale instead of writing what looks like 8-10 blogs on the subject of being fat. I’m not insensitive to those who are overweight. Just to self-proclaimed dbs who claim that I have problems because I noticed a slight decrease in hunger from a lipgloss specially formulated to do so. Maybe if you spent less time talking about being fat and spent more time walking in some MBTs, you wouldn’t be so BITT. I’d include her blog link here… but I wouldn’t deign to give her the referral traffic.

Okay, done with my rant.

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