Body Shop New Sweet Chestnut Body Butter: It’s Like BUTTAH

Don’t you miss seeing Coffee Talk with Linda Richman weekly on SNL? Walk with me, let’s take a little trip down memory lane to the 90s:

I’m pretty sure my vernacular is peppered with “You shouldn’t know from it” and “no big whoop” as well as that pursed lips what-are-you-gonna-do face that LR does so well from watching Coffee Talk weekly as an impressionable teen. The Mike Meyers years of SNL WERE the glory years in my profesh opinion.

So, would you not agree that if Linda had a beauty blog, she’d FOR SURE be showcasing the Body Butter line from The Body Shop on a regular because… wait for it… it is INDEED like butter. I adore their Sweet Chestnut fragrance. It’s to die. I have been moisturizing the heck out of my arms and legs post-shower and delighting in the almost fruity, festive holiday scent. It just SMELLS limited edition, you know? $20 through The Body Shop at Home. AVAILABILITY: Shop anytime, anywhere through The Body Shop At Home, online at, or by calling (800) BodyShop/ (800) 263-9746.

7 Comments Body Shop New Sweet Chestnut Body Butter: It’s Like BUTTAH

  1. fabulista1


    OBV you love LR! You will not be sorry about ordering the LE sweet chestnut buttah. It rocks the funk if I do say so myself!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!


  2. Elana

    This was one of my favorite characters from SNL. Imagine reading the words from Ms. Linda. I hope she would still write the way she speaks, especially when it comes to writing about skincare products. Funny!

  3. Parisjasmal

    Let me give you a topic–CHICKPEAS

    They’re neither chicks NOR pease–DISCUSS.

    Ok–I freaking LOVED Linda Richman from the genius of one Mike Meyers. Those were the days of SNL. That is where I fell in love with comedy writing and the genius of improv.

    Oh my–the thought of Linda Richman with a beauty blog makes me tingle
    I have not tried this sweet chestnut you speak of–limited edition you say? Ah I may make an online order.
    I love most of thier body buttahs. One time when I was in Europe they had a LE cherry. AHHHHH I do not think we ever got it here–but it was loverly.

    Great review–and thanks for Finley’s b-day wishes.

    Happy Sabbath!

  4. fabulista1

    Yes, some PR reps send me products for review. I obviously only favorably review the ones I like. However, this blog features a mix of products I’ve received as freebies and stuff I’ve bought myself.

  5. Anonymous

    question, do PR people ever send you stuff to try and comment on? I saw your email at the top and just wondered if anyone ever did that? Just wondering.


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