Hola from Mexico!

Hola dolls! Just a quick hi to let you know I didn’t forget about you. My L.A. slash San Diego slash Cabo trip is great! In Cabo as we SPEAK and am so sad to return back to my normal lifestyle manana. Have had lots of cra adventures, determined that I’d never live in L.A. on a dare (no one walks ANYWHERE and the whole place is deadsky by 1am), am loving this tea tree/witchhazel treatment that Boots created (more on that later), and was HORRIFIED to learn that my Friendster account mysteriously invited EVERY SINGLE PERSON in my gmail address book to join, apropos of NOTHING. If you were invited, sorry. I then had to email EVERY SINGLE PERSON in my gmail address book to explain the mishap. Oh yes, everyone. Including professors, job interview people and ex boyfriends. Just hope it doesn’t happen to you. I’ll return on Monday! Must return to my mai tai.


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